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Green Day Drop Dookie: Wake-Up Video

If you had gone to see Green Day play one of their notorious early gigs in Berkeley in 1993, it would have been impossible to tell the size of the success the band would experience over the course of their career. Even though they had signed a deal with a major label, they still seemed like a shaggy, rag-tag bunch of punks who just wanted to play fast music and get high. But greatness was on the horizon for the boys, and before the sold out stadium tours, multi-platinum concept albums, video games and Broadway shows, there was Dookie, which was released on this day in 1994.

Green Day’s Dookie (the group’s third album) came at exactly the right time, as the rock world was knee-deep in grunge darkness and looking for a blast of youthful fun to offset all the doom and gloom. The album’s 14 songs (plus the creepy bonus track “All By Myself”) blew by in under 40 minutes, each one infused with big hooks, speed freak rhythms and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s adenoidal, in-your-face whine.

The album was a tour de force that built up slowly, first gaining a bit of attention because of the potty-mouthed lyrics to the first single “Longview.” Following the band’s memorable takeover of Woodstock ’94 that summer, songs like “When I Come Around,” “Welcome to Paradise” and especially “Basket Case” found themselves in permanent rotation on MTV, pumping out of radios across half a dozen formats and fueling the garage punk dreams of middle school kids everywhere.

Of course, Green Day later evolved, got darker, made a comeback, seemingly disappeared, made another comeback and eventually grew into one of the biggest rock bands in the world. But the road to 21st Century Breakdown really began with “Longview,” a quirky little three-chord jump about suburban ennui.

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